Try the Cabri G2 for free!


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We have an exclusive Easter offer to Robinson helicopter pilots in the Gothenburg area. Come and have a test flight in our modern Cabri G2 for FREE.

Cabri Cockpit

Northern Helicopters have produced 2000 flight hours in the  the Cabri G2 and we are so happy with it we’d like to give other pilots the possibility to try it out. This modern helicopter type has excellent safety margins and is equipped with modern avionics to make it pilot friendly and easy to fly. It’s a whole new generation in the small rotorcraft category perfect for helicopter flight training.

To take advantage of this offer you have to be under flight training or hour building flying a Robinson helicopter in the Gothenburg area. This is a limited time offer and the test flights will take place at our facility in Kungsbacka on April 12. Please bring your student permit / flight crew license.

Call us to schedule this free flight today at 031-519700.