Helicopter Type Ratings

Helicopter Type Ratings

Northern Helicopters is a Swedish EASA approved Training Organization (ATO) allowing us to train helicopter pilots to fly various helicopter types from small piston engine helicopter to larger multi engine turbine helicopters.

One you have your Private Pilot License  you might want to fly a turbine helicopter or other type of piston helicopters.  To start flying an other helicopter type you need to take a type rating course for the helicopter type you want to fly. Our type rating courses may also be modified to fit any operators specifications and procedures.

We offer helicopter type ratings on the following aircraft types:

The type rating course will allow the pilot get familiar with the new helicopter type and get to know the differences in mechanics, technology, operation, performance and aerodynamics. But not least, emergency procedures.

The technical course for every helicopter type is included in the course without any extra fee.

The instructors at Northern Helicopters will ensure that you are ready for your skill test and to fly the new type safely and with confidence.
Duration is 3 -4 days for single engine helicopters and 10 days for multi engine helicopter.
Minimum required flight hours for the first initial type rating of a single engine helicopter turbine helicopter is 5 hrs, 2 hrs for any additional. For the R44 the minimum required time is 5 hrs. Note that this is minimum required time and you must meet the required standard.