Time Buildings

Time Buildings

Time Building
We offer time building packages in Sweden. This portion of hour building is often overlooked and we suggest you make very good use of this time to hone your skills and build that all important experience. Of course if you want to fly with an instructor occasionally to learn and practice some advanced techniques we can offer this also.

Time building Sweden

* Schweizer 269 (Hughes 300)
* Cabri G2
* EC 120 (turbine)
* Bell 206 (turbine)

We offer a time building package of minimum 70 hrs with the hourly rate of 2200 SEK on the new Cabri G2.
If you do not have the rating we offer the type rating and you are allowed to count the hours for the type rating towards your 70 hrs in order to be enrolled for the special package. Regular price is 2750:-SEK

-You do not need to pay upfront, only for the hours flown
-You must complete the hours within 12 months

For timebuilding on a turbine helicopter we do require a minimum of 10 hrs on type and approved by a Northern Helicopter Flight Instructor prior to self fly-hire.