PPL(H) – Private Pilot License Helicopter

PPL(H) – Private Pilot License Helicopter

The PPL is the basic training, either for the purpose of private helicopter flying or to start your commercial career. After you have successfully completed your training and exams you will be allowed to operate a helicopter under VFR (Visual Flight Rules) and for private use. If you have taken the course with us, a helicopter is available for private rental.


We are using Oxford’s PPL books as well as a few specialised helicopter books. Oxford also produces a number of computer based training (CBT) DVDs that are also included in the package. When you have decided to start your training with us we will offer  a complete student pilot package containing all the books, manuals and charts. A full list of study package contents is available on request.

The package includes:

  • Oxford PPL book with CBTs (DVD or CD’s)
  • Phil Croucher Helicopter manuals
  • Navigation Computer, Pooleys

Helicopter flight training

The minimum total number of flying hours required is 45 hours.
Since most of our pilots will be flying in the northern part of Europe we have included mountainous and alpine flying as a standard part of the PPL training.
Depending on the season, weather permitting we will conduct the flight training in snow. And you will be flying the helicopter to the training area as well as a cross country navigation.
We are using the Robinson 44 for training. Jet Ranger Bell 206 is available on request.


17 years of age
Medical Certificate Class 2.

If you intend to continue with Commercial Pilot Licence we recommend that you have a Class 1 from the start. We can assist you in finding a medical examiner.
Training is divided in two parts, the theoretical and practical flying which will be integrated for best results.