Instrument Rating Multi Engine Helicopter

Instrument Rating Multi Engine Helicopter

Northern Helicopters offers an advanced instrument training course which is aimed for pilots that will be operating a multi engine helicopter either single pilot or multi pilot operations. Our instructors are well experienced pilots with active flight duty as Search and Rescue, Off shore and Air Ambulance commanders. The course is fully EASA approved and complies with Part FCL. The course is recognized and approved by all EASA member states.

The aircraft training for the multi engine part is conducted in the AS355 equipped with a modern autopilot.


The training is conducted at our training center in Sweden. With the background from training flight crew for the airlines we have created a sophisticated enhanced program that will give you the solid base you require in order to fly a multi engine helicopter IFR. We have included CRM, Crew Resource Management throughout the training with emphasis on a multi pilot crew operation to prepare you for the upcoming employment of flying a large twin IFR helicopter.

At our training center we are using CBT (Computer Based Training) and simulations for briefings and lecturing, its all included in the course.

We will arrange everything for you with this program in order to make it as smooth as possible, we even take care of your accommodation if you require.

The IR ME program package includes:

Complete set of aircraft manuals AS355
Training syllabus Instrument Rating

20 hrs ground school
16 hrs Procedure Training, SOP
40 hrs Simulator Training FNPT II(H)
8 hrs Flight Training Type Rating AS355
10 hrs IR aircraft training AS355

Course duration:     6 WEEKS

Training location:     Gothenburg, Sweden

Course fee:        32 800:- Euro (26 000:- Pound)

If you already hold a multi engine rating please contact us for reduced course fee.

Conversion from fixed wing IR (A) to Helicopter IR
Course including type rating AS355
Course fee: 28 200:- Euro (18 200:- Pound)

Conversion FAA to EASA
We convert your FAA rating to EASA.

All prices are excl. skilltest / examination fee

Download the current pricelist: Pricelist May 2015

VAT is not applicable!