CPL Helicopter Integrated Course

CPL Helicopter Integrated Course

Northern Helicopters have great experience from modular training towards a commercial helicopter license and with this experience we have developed an integrated course which will allow the student to reach their goal more efficiently and to a lower cost. If your aim is to work as a commercial helicopter pilot, this might be the right course for you. This course is a complete course from zero to CPL with no previous experience required! The training location is Gothenburg, Sweden.

Even PPL (H) pilots can join the course and received credit for flight hours.

During the course, theory and practical helicopter flight training is integrated which makes the learning process a lot easier for the student and the result will improve faster. Compared to the modular course you will not train towards a Private Pilot License (PPL) before you take your Commercial Pilot License (CPL). In the integrated course the first skill test will be for your commercial license. Duration of the full course is 10 months. This is the fastest course on the market!

Training contents:
115 hrs flight training Robinson 44
20 hrs simulator training AS355
ATPL H Theory
EASA CPL with ATPL theory
Type Rating R44

Price: 580 000 SEK (58 000 Euro)
VAT is not applicable to private individuals.

Payment terms:
30 000 SEK enrollment fee
then we use a “pay as you go” which mean that you are paying for theory and then for each flight hour. There is no block payments.


For the theoretical subjects Northern Helicopters has chosen well experienced ground school instructors from the helicopter business. Instead of just teaching the CPL theory our integrated course will cover all the ATPL(H) theory. When you meet the requirements for an ATPL you will then have the possibility to take a skill test without any additional theory.


In addition to teaching in classroom the students have access to our online training courses including questions for exam preparations. The integrated course covers the following theoretical ATPL subjects:

  • Air Law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational Procedures
  • Principles of Flight
  • Communications

Flight Training

The flight training for CPL(H) integrated course is 135h. 100h of the practical flight training will be with a flight instructor and the remaining time the student will act as Pilot In Command or Student Pilot in Command. The course includes mountain training/winter operations as well as international navigation flights.

The training environment for helicopters in Sweden is unique, we are allowed to land almost anywhere in the nature.

We are using the Robinson 44 forĀ  flight training.

Of the total 135 hrs, 20 is simulator training in our AS355, twin engine helicopter simulator where advanced Instrument training is done. Using simulation during training allows various scenarios which can not be done safely in real aircraft, here you will get the most out of the training.



Requirements & Application

To apply to the CPL Integrated Course the applicant need to be at least 18 years old and hold a valid EASA Medical Class 1. The applicant shall also be able to speak and understand the English language. We will assist with the medical class 1 examination.



Job opportunity

If you decide to continue as a Flight Instructor, you have a good chance of starting your career with us.


Accommodation is available around the city. We can assist with finding a suitable accommodation.

Training is TAX (VAT) exempted!
* Price does not include fees from the authorities.

If you can not attend to a full time course, look at Modular Training courses.