CPL Helicopter Flight Training

CPL Helicopter Flight Training

We offer commercial helicopter flight training at our main base at Gothenburg City airport in Gothenburg, Sweden. The practical flight training can be conducted in the helicopter type of your choice depending on your demand.

If you already have been through the ATPL or CPL theory course the next step is to start you practical flight training in helicopters.  The training can be provided as an intensive course or in whatever speed you prefer.

Practical flight training course

You can start your commercial flight training when you reach 150 hours total and the course is 35 hours total and covers 30 hours of CPL flight training and 5 hours night training.

In the commercial flight training you will practice your flying skills to a professional level. The requirement on you as a pilot is much higher than a private pilot. You will be required to land at very small landing sites in various areas in Sweden. It is now the real flying starts!

If you do not hold a type rating on your license we will combine the CPL training with the type rating. The technical course for the aircraft is provided at no additional cost.