Alpine Mountain Course

Alpine Mountain Course

Northern Helicopters offers an alpine mountain course for helicopter pilots. The aim with the course is to increase aviation safety and awareness of the dangers with mountain flying and in a hostile winter terrain. Sweden offers a great training environment for such training.

The course is open for all EASA license holders, minimum PPL (H) issued by any EASA member state.

Prior to the JAR FCL and EASA, such training was included in Swedish helicopter training. Since the implementation of FCL a pilot can complete the training from zero to commercial license without actually having experienced flying a helicopter in snow or in mountainous terrain.

Course contents

The days will be divided into flying and theoretical training.

Books and other theory material are included and will be supplied on site.

Theoretical Training

Handling of the helicopter in respect of extreme cold weather
Alpine mountainous flying theory
Flight planning
Emergency/Survival theory

Flight Training (5 hours, additional flight hours are available)

Landing at different sites, peaks, valleys
Landing on different surfaces & techniques
Approaches to, and departure from sites, escape routes
Emergency training
Avoidance of white out
Survival lesson on the mountain


We will make bookings depending on your requirements. Accommodation is not included in the course fee. There are apartments, cabins and villas available on site. We will stay in Tandådalen which is the highest area of Sälen.

Transportation will be arranged from Säve, Gothenburg – Northern Helicopters Training Center.

For more information about Sälen, please visit Skistar.

Type rating can be provided on requested helicopter type.

For enrollment, please contact us by phone or email.