Sebastian – AS350 pilot Greenland

Sebastian – AS350 pilot Greenland

It all started with a Heliski-trip in the northern part of Sweden, 2009, I was hooked, I had to become a helicopter pilot.

After a lot of research I decided to join the first Integrated class at Northern Helicopters in 2012. I knew that I wanted to work as a commercial pilot, so the modular way was not as interesting for me.
I also had the chance to fly the last 30 hours of flight training on the EC120 which was a really good experience, but also good to have in my resume.

Along the training I, as a lot of other students knew it was difficult to get a pilots job with low hours. So I started to look in to the possibilities to become a flight instructor.
In January 2013 I had my CPL(H) and started to build hours towards 250h, which is the requirement to start the Flight Instructor training.

The last day of July 2013, I became a Flight Instructor and started to work at Northern Helicopters.


I flew a LOT and gained hours and experience fast!

In April 2014 I went down to the Seychelles to fly the EC120 for a commercial company. The main work was to fly passengers between islands and resorts, but also, photo/film, scenic and medical evacuation flights. I was not the only pilot from Northern Helicopters flying there at the time, we where 4 pilots, 1 from Sweden, 2 from Belgium, and 1 from Denmark, all trained at Northern Helicopters.

From flying passengers between islands in the Seychelles, I started to fly on a much colder island, Greenland in May 2015.
I fly the AS350 and no day is the other alike. The extreme conditions regarding weather and high winds, very long distances, hostile terrain/environment, demanding landing sites, really puts you as a pilot to the test, not only when you fly, but more importantly, when to say NO to flying. Decision-making is a part of every days work.

Sebastian Erdos