Presenting Northern Air Training


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We are proud to announce a very positive change in our organization. From October 15th is now Northern Helicopters AB training under a change into Northern Air Training AB. The helicopter training will still be marketed as Northern Helicopters as our brand name but the ATO with its certifications will be held by Northern Air Training. Northern Air Training will further develop its training towards simulator training for commercial airliners.
The new company has additional ownership with representation from the Part 145, Maintenance side which the group may benefit from in the long term with a steady growth for the upcoming market increase. The previous venture with a branch in Denmark did not turn out as planned, with a downturn of offshore industry as well as operational difficulties with training off airfields we were forced to close the Danish branch. There are no better place than Sweden for helicopter training with scenery, four seasons, terrain and our legal right to operate in a free airspace and land anywhere (almost).

As we can have a strong position in Sweden with customers from all around the globe we estimate to further grow our training department with training in Sweden. Our fleet of R44 will increase during 2017 as well as our increased capacity of Bell 206 for turbine training. The combination of R44 and Bell 206 showed to be a good mix since the two types has some similarities and Bell is growing their market shares with upcoming new types. For years Eurocopters, today Airbus has had the greatest growth, however Bell is clearly having a come-back with its new SLS Bell 505 as well as its model 429 delivered to the Swedish Police force.

So what else is new, well from this year we are starting a winter training location in Siljansnäs, where also the Flying Brewery is located

Welcome to us at Northern Helicopters and Northern Air Training!