Northern Helicopters in Gothenburg


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If you are interested in helicopter flight training in Gothenburg, you have come to the right place! Besides our training center i Jönköping we also have a new facility in Gothenburg.

Kungsbacka Flight Training Center

The helicopter flight training that will be conducted in Gothenburg is everything from a trial lesson to become a professional helicopter flight instructor.

We offer everyone who is interested the following courses:

  • Private Pilot License Helicopter – PPL(H)
  • Commercial Pilot License Helicopter – CPL(H)
  • ATPL(H) VFR Theory
  • Flight Instructor Course (Theory and Practical training)
  • Type Ratings
  • Hour Bulding

The helicopter type used for the basic training is the Cabri G2, the most modern helicopter in it’s category by far. State of the art avionics with a high level of safety which means it’s very suitable for flight training.

If you already hold a helicopter license and are interested in hour building we offer low hourly rates to get your required hours as cheap as possible but still fly a helicopter that feels like a larger helicopter in the Eurocopter family like the EC120B Colibri.

Contact us for more information at or at +46 36 36 84 00