Current job openings

Northern Helicopters is always looking for the best qualified person for each job. Applicants must meet the job requirement described to be considered as a qualified applicant. If you don’t have the required rating or certificate you are welcome to do your training with us to become a qualified applicant. New personnel is usually recruited from former graduates from our training programs or courses.


We are now offering a training package with employment after the course. This has shown to be a very successful path for a low time pilot to reach the goal of career as commercial helicopter pilot. We are one of the very few training providers in the world where we are training in house our new instructors to instruct on turbine helicopters. The key to success is not longer the question of total time as much as flight time on turbine helicopters.

We are usually running two sets of instructor courses per year. We are ONLY hiring instructors that has taken the training with us. We are producing several thousands of training hours using the Robinson 44.
We are now looking for 1 new flight instructor to join our team during late 2016 and beginning 2017. You must be able to sponsor your course yourself, but after successful selection and course you are offered a position as flight instructor with us.

If you already hold an FI rating you are NOT eligible for application.

Northern Helicopters is a company with the employment policy of equal opportunity.

Must be fluent in English but not required to be native
Must possess the legal right to work and live in the EU, we will not sponsor any work VISA.
Any additional language skills is a benefit

the minimum requirement is 220 flight hours but if you do not have this we are offering time building packages on the R22 or R44.


Apply by sending your CV to info@nheli.se mark the email with FI application.
the CV must contain your state of license and your nationality.