Commercial operations in Spring 2014


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We can now announce as of this spring we will resume our commercial flight operations. We have found some areas of interesting business opportunities which we will explore by using our fleet for such operations. We can disclose that some services will include sling load, VIP charter and sightseeing flights. The aircraft that will be used is the EC120, Bell 206, AS350 and our AS355N. With the AS355 we are one of very few operators in Sweden that offers an all weather operations for passenger transportation since we are able to offer twin engine safety as well as capability of conducting flights during instrument conditions.

With the base of flight training to the highest levels of certifications we are able to screen and train our own staff that will be operating the helicopters at various locations.

A career program is being developed for new pilots that is taking their training with Northern Helicopters, the program takes the pilot from start to the first employment as a helicopter pilot.

AS350 slingAS350 slingSling Load