Cabri 10 000 hrs!


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Guimbal, the manufacturer of the Cabri G2 is celebrating 10 000 hrs of flight of the Cabri. We are one of the operator that has flown most hours with the type, we have now reached 2200 hrs of two aircraft. We have a third aircraft YL-HEJ which is on a lease from our customer GM helicopters in Latvia. With the Cabri as the main trainer and this amount of flight hours we are proud to say that we made the right choice of aircraft. Many high time pilots refuse to fly the R22 which is the most common aircraft for flight schools. The R22 has way too many accidents with lethal outcome. It was never designed to be a trainer but its cheap and that is the reason for many schools are using it. With any accident with a Schweizer or a Cabri the risk is minimized as much as possible, an accident with a R22 is a different story, (just look at accidents R22 on Youtube…) We had 4 Schweizer 300 in the very beginning but we prefer to use the Cabri since it is a new modern aircraft and fits well together with the EC120 Colibri. Another very good point is the stability, it is very common that a PPL end with about 70 hrs on the R22, with a much more stabile aircraft the minimum time required is more likely to be the case. Then it does not matter if the rate per flight hour is less if you are spending 20-30% more time.

The Cabri as well as the EC120 is behaving like “real” helicopters. We are training pilots for the mission to fly any helicopter from single pilot operation to fit in a multi crew in a large twin engine helicopter then the Cabri and the EC120 is the better option.

We invite any student pilot that are at this moment training on the R22 at another school to come for a  free demo flight in the Cabri G2 with us at not cost! This offer is valid until July 30th 2012 and only if you already are training with another school.

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